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Sponsored by: Honors Program
Seminars: Molecular and Cellular Regulation of Sleep
Start Date/Time: 5/14/2018 4:00 PM
End Date/Time: 5/14/2018 5:00 PM
Location: Alumni Hall B
Description: All animals sleep ? including jellyfish ? based on the criteria of reversible behavioral quiescence, homeostatic rebound, and decreased sensory response. Our studies of EGF signaling in C. elegans led us to discover that EGF acts on the single ALA neuron to induce a sleep-like state. Single cell profiling of ALA demonstrated that it expresses a set of three neuropeptide genes that are partially redundant for sleep induction but each sufficient to induce specific aspects of sleep. We used optogenetics and calcium imaging to study circuit mechanisms of sleep, and found that the increased latency to sensory response results from modulation of at least two steps in sensory processing: the sensory neuron and downstream interneuron synchrony. Different ways to inducing C. elegans sleep (lethargus, satiety, stress/EGF) lead to the same sensory depression, which is rapidly reversible by multiple types of stimuli. A forward genetic screen for suppressors of the paralysis caused by overexpressed sleep-associated neuropeptide FLP-24 identified an apparent G-protein coupled receptor that is sufficient to make a cell act like it is asleep. We propose that the sleep state is constructed by independent behavioral blocks that are under separate genetic control and can evolve independently.
Contact: Josephine Markiewicz
Phone: 263-3815
Email: Josephine.Markiewicz@nyumc.org
Speaker: Paul W. Sternberg, PhD
Speaker Institution: Caltech
Speaker Institution Location: Pasadena, CA
Speaker Position: Thomas Hunt Morgan Professor of Biology
Addtl. Info: Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Seminar Host: Ruth Lehmann
Refreshments: No
Fee Required: No
Fee Amount:

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