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Submitted By: glennc03
Submitted to: Ophthalmology  
Requested: 5/2/2018
Last Update: 6/20/2018
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Event Details
Sponsored by: Ophthalmology
Seminars: SMILE Procedure & Corneal Topography
Start Date/Time: 9/5/2018 7:15 AM
End Date/Time: 9/5/2018 8:30 AM
Location: Coles 101
Contact: Douglas R. Lazzaro, MD, MBA, FACS
Email: Douglas.Lazzaro@nyumc.org
Speaker: David Rex Hamilton, M.D., FACS
Speaker Institution: Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Speaker Position: Professor of Ophthalmology, Director, UCLA Laser Refractive Center
Refreshments: No
Fee Required: No
Fee Amount:

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