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Sponsored by: Honors Program
Seminars: Gene Editing in Human Embryos
Start Date/Time: 11/20/2017 4:00 PM
End Date/Time: 11/20/2017 5:00 PM
Location: Alumni Hall B
Description: In vitro fertilization (IVF) represents a successful cell therapy approach for treatment of infertility. However, IVF is increasingly utilized for preimplantation genetic diagnosis followed by embryo selection to prevent the transmission of heritable human diseases. The objective of this seminar is to provide an overview of current and future developments in human germline gene correction in IVF.
Contact: Josephine Markiewicz
Phone: 263-3815
Email: Josephine.Markiewicz@nyumc.org
Speaker: Shoukhrat Mitalipov, PhD
Speaker Institution: Oregon Health & Science University
Speaker Institution Location: Portland, OR
Speaker Position: Professor and Director, Center for Embryonic Cell & Gene Therapy
Seminar Host: Ruth Lehmann
Refreshments: No
Fee Required: No
Fee Amount:

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